Sponsorships and Ad Space

The Speech and Debate team at McClintock High School is looking for sponsors from local businesses to help us in the upcoming year. We work to inspire transformation in the lives of students, to help them become effective communicators, critical thinkers and engaging, ethical members of our democratic society. Our team relies on the generous time, energy, and dedication of volunteers, coaches, parents, judges, and other supporters to achieve its mission and vision. Your help is essential in ensuring the best experience for our students.

As a nonprofit organization we understand that local businesses generally have funds set aside for charitable donations and advertisements. We are offering two different ways in which you can help us in hope that it benefits everyone in the best ways possible.

Sponsor Level
Size of Ad Space


You can sponsor MHSMGB, our Theatre program, or our Speech and Debate team. This sponsorship is viewed as a charitable donation and only the name of your business will be recognized in our four production playbills as a sponsor at the following levels:

$25 Bronze Level Sponsorship

$50 Silver Level Sponsorship

$100 Gold Level Sponsorship

$200 Platinum Level Sponsorship

Advertisement Space

You can purchase advertisement space in our two plays and musical production playbills at the following prices:

$25  1/8 Page or business card

$50 1/4 Page

$100 1/2 Page

$200 Full Page

All ads will appear in black and white.

The MHS programs are handed out to each patron at each of the major performances. The programs are printed with black ink and typically on white or light pastel color 8 1⁄2” X 11” paper. We will email you upon purchase to ask for the ad you wish to be placed to make sure it fits appropriately and that the resolution is the best quality possible. If your business is unsure or does not have an ad ready, fear not! We can help you design a high quality ad space FREE of charge. Lastly, you will also be mention as a Sponsor under the levels listed above.