Volunteer Registration

The first step to help our community is to become an official volunteer of the Tempe Union High School District. This is MANDATORY if you will be working with the students.

Now that you have been cleared as a volunteer for the TUHSD there are multiple ways in which you can help! We understand that everyone has a preference of what they can contribute; time, money, props, food, water, or other needs that arise during the production season.

Here are a variety ways you can help the MHS Theatre Program:

  1. Become of Member of MHSMGB.
  2. You can simply donate with a preference to your funds going to the theatre program.
  3. Throughout the year we try to provide meals for double dress rehearsals. So, food or water donations during that time are welcome.
  4. Check out our Become a Patron program which includes varying levels of tickets and photos of the productions.
  5. If you are a local business and would like your company advertised in the productions throughout the year then check out Become a Sponsor.

Of course these are just some ways for you to help our program. If any of those appeal to you, none of those appeal to you, you have more questions, or more ideas, then PLEASE fill out our volunteer sign-up form, so that we may contact you throughout the year! We'd love your help and to hear from you.