Theatre Photos

Throughout the year we take photos of the productions. We will be posting photos for purchase (with or without frames) after each production in case you missed out at the venue. Check back here throughout the year for a gallery of each production. We will only post photos for the current year; HOWEVER, we do have previous productions if you wish to view other pictures. Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you to set up a time to view the photos. Meanwhile, here are a few photos from past productions to view.

A couple things to note:

We only sell signed cast photos of the musical production at the venue AND there are a limited number.

We DO NOT sell recordings of any of the productions due to copyright infringements.

Our photographer does not make any profit on selling photos. 100% of the profits go to MHSMGB.

2023-2024 Fall Play "Ax of Murder"

2022-2023 Spring Play "History of Dating"

2022-2023 Musical "Addams Family"

2022-2023 Fall Play “It’s a Trap